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Free online courses make up a training program with which you develop yourself in several important directions at once. You will learn: Leadership and the ability to lead people, the Art of successful sales, Starting a business from scratch, and Negotiation and public speaking skills.

    I am one of those people who need everything at once, simply because I place a high value on my time. Finding something useful and putting it off for later is not for me, because that “later” may not come for another twenty years. That’s why I use my time according to the following principle: “A day lasts 24 hours, no matter who you are. However, its breadth can be different and this depends on you.”

    Learn about successful leadership
    from Alex Reinhardt!

    Persistently increase earnings

    Learn to lead people

    Achieve any goal

    Sell without selling and learn the art of persuasion

    Create and launch international business projects

    Develop any qualities you lack

    Become more efficient and successful every single day


    Alex Reinhardt —

    is one of the leading global figures in the blockchain industry according to the American magazine, Entrepreneur, as well as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, crypto expert, and multimillionaire. He is, by definition, “self-made”. Many years ago, he began to study the principles by which money and any other resources work and was able to apply them in practice. As a result, he launched dozens of businesses, and all of them are successfully developing today.